The use of the NEP station makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions without fine dust emissions and without emission of toxic gases.

The NEP station is a modular system with a pre-assembly of approximately 100%, based on a 40 "container basis. Due to its intellectual design, both the installation on site as well as a possible dismantling and removal of the NEP station go quickly and easily  .



Examples of applications of

the NEP station are:





Economics /

investment security


• The NEP station produces heat and electricity for businesses and municipalities

at a maximum of recycling and low emissions


• Energy and waste management for municipalities


• reduction and degradation of landfills


• An optimum design in the conversion of brown coal into gas and fuels


• waste management for care the agricultural and rural environment


• Cooperation with local waste management companies



Waste is disposed of cleanly and ecologically

There are no harmful and environmentally harmful organic "flue gases"

Pollutants pass through largely closed process cycle

not in the environment

Organic material will be completely decomposes

No carbon dioxide emission to the environment





Rapid return on investment


Energy efficient usage of the overall energy contents


Any organic compound with usable as input material


More profitable use of chemicals useful gas conversions


Useful life of individual systems extremely high


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