The NEP station is revolutionary, clean, modular and scalable.


With our NEP station


we can master three very topical issues of our time:



1.Waste disposal in a very clean, economical and ecological impressive



2. Energy significantly more economical to produce than so far, and


3. to make a contribution to reduction of the still increasing worldwide demand for fossil fuels.




The main raw material of the energy converter are wood chips, coal dust, dried sewage sludge, green garbage and shredded household waste, tires and other organic materials.

It will soon have a stable position on the waste to energy market.


It offers the best solution for the conversion of any organic feedstock into clean, local energy generation and distribution without CO2 emissions. At the end of the process only inorganic residues remain, these residues are not more than 8%.






The result:

The NEP station, a reliable proven technology that converts any type of organic material, such as household garbage into heat and electrical energy. All this happens on an exemplary and ecological basis. Since our NEP station is a closed system, there are no CO2 emissions and not incur any toxic gases or similar and is very environmental friendly. A clean and efficient way to generate electric power and long-distance heating, reducing waste and carbon footprint at the same time.


With over 38,000 full load hours of energy generation,

the NEP station 1MWel station is not only far more efficient than all the other systems on the market, but, in addition, by far the most economic and ecological technology in the global "Waste To Energy" market



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