NECTECH is a young company founded in 2011. We are a team of partners that has over 20 years of experience in the field;, consulting, marketing  and product development specialize engineering. These are investments in renewable energy, which processes a pioneering generation of thermally guided systems, the organic substances to mono carbonic gases. The development of plants (NEP station) began in 2001 and was developed with our partners and vendors through consistent research and development.


The task and the big problem was to stabilize the product gas and to bring it to required specifications so that the CHP's can work stable and constant to produce electrical power. The whole responsibility was rested on  Karl H. shoulder as the Inventor for the gas cleaning system  who got this problem solved within two years. We developed and patented a gas cleaning system which brought the gas into a stable condition and in a quality that is suitable for CHP engines to produce heat & electrical power. The plant development began in 2009 and was completed in 2011, generating over 38,000 full load production hours.

The important part was to develop a power plant, available for any investor as well for smaller and bigger municipality. The goal was to reach smaller municipality and municipalities, addressing the  waste problem and the power supply. Based on this newly developed method, the "downstream thermolysis CHP plant " has been developed. The process technology, the converter and the gas cleaning are all patented by us.


Today, after more than 38,000 full load hours, and after a series of tests on all organic materials ranging from wood, sewage sludge, on plastic, RDF, slaughterhouse waste, food waste, polymers and finally household waste, we can proudly say that we have created and developed a system for our environment meeting our investor’s expectations. It’s very economical and positive as financial target criterion and without pollution of the environment and is also supported by the European Renewable energy Law „EEG".


It offers the best solution for the conversion of any organic feedstock into clean, local energy generation and distribution without CO2 emissions. At the end of the process only inorganic residues remain, these residues are not more than  8%.


The NEP station 1MWel station is not only far more efficient than all the other systems on the market, but, in addition, by far the most economic and ecological technology in the global "Waste To Energy" market

The system is revolutionary, clean, modular and scalable.



We clean the environment...


...and make energy ..!



The result:

The NEP station, a reliable proven technology that converts any type of organic material, such as household garbage into heat and electrical energy. All this happens on an exemplary and ecological basis. Since our NEP station is a closed system, there are no CO2 emissions and not incur any toxic gases or similar and is very environmental friendly


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